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Another social media ‘disaster’ – are we adding fuel to the fire?

It is almost becoming typical Sun headline – another ‘social media disaster’.

Recently it was HMV now it is Burger King.

Perhaps we can ask a few questions…

Do we make the so-called disaster any better by reading the related articles and then re-sharing them online?

Do  those involved in the ‘disaster’ feel gratitude for the extra publicity?

If we do help generate more publicity for the ‘disaster’ is it because we feel a sense of relief because it did not happen to us?

I suspect that if a ‘disaster’ happens to us we will appreciate some help and advice rather than more fuel being poured on the flames.

Indeed we could ask what is the definition of a ‘disaster’ and is a social media one any different from any comms difficulty? Discuss….

Maybe next time we see a ‘headline’ including the word disaster we might reflect a  moment before we press that Retweet button or other sharing tools?


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How many rules do we need?

I have always wondered what would happen if there were no laws saying you cannot do x or y?

Or to put it another way why do people break the law when they know a law exists. Drunk driving might be a good example or committing thefts. Footballers know that they should not commit fouls but they clearly still do so.

Does any of this apply to the digital environment. Does having guidance make anyone behave any ‘better’ than they might have done? Are sensible people always sensible without needing to be told what to do. Are fools always going to be fools?

History shows that codification is a common trend. We have the Ten Commandments; Hammurabi’s law, or Justinian’s Law Code. Did these rules really bring order to chaos?

Has guidance for social media brought order or have we just started to internalise some commonly accepted standards?

I do not claim to know the answer but I will find out tomorrow as I am running an internal session on social media guidance. Will colleagues say – ‘ah you have some rules, oh that is what I am supposed to be doing’ or say ‘rules, I love ’em can we have some more please?’

I will let you know.

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