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Tagging RSS feeds and Govdelivery

One of our longstanding issues is collecting metrics and especially those related to RSS feeds and the Govdelivery alerting service which runs on these feeds.

One of the potential options was to run our corporate feeds through a tool like Feedburner. However the difficulty was that if the service went down we might lose our stats.

So far the best we could do was to look in Google webmaster tools and see how many subscribers we had via Google reader.

Finally we have come up with something a lot better which is the result of various conversations.

So what did we do?

  • We made a copy of our existing set of RSS feeds so that we had two sets
  • With set one we added a Google tracking code into the feeds – see my previous post about this tool.
  • For the mirror set which we use to feed GovDevlivery we did the same thing

So what happened?

When I go into my dashboard I see two new fields number 5 GovDelivery and number 9 Feed.

So at a glance on a daily basis we can see who is coming to our site via these feeds.

Before we we in the dark now we are basking in the sunlight of metrics.

How cool is that?


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