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What is Accountability Hack 2014?

The details

The event will take place over the weekend of 8-9 November at NAO in Victoria, SW1W 9SP.

Organised by Office of National Statistics (ONS) – Matt Jukes;  National Audit Office (NAO) – Nick Halliday;  and Parliament – Tracy Green.

So are you an armchair auditor? Keen on Parliamentary processes? Use lots of public sector data? Then this is the event for you.

We are also linking the event with Parliament week 14-20 November and we are aiming to run a follow up event at Parliament during that week to show people who were not able to make the weekend what happened. If you are familiar with previous Parly Hacks the Accountability Hack will replace it this year.

Talk about Accountability Hack

Yes – talk, sing, shout about Accountability Hack #AccHack14

There is an Eventbrite page to sign up as a developer or to attend the ‘show and tell’.

There is a Google doc of potential challenges and some ideas for what prizes should be awarded.



Many of you are probably familiar with hack events as explained by this post on the NAO data blog.

I had thought for a long time that it would be worth running a hack event specifically looking at the NAO information and data. However it did occur to me that, based on hacks I have been to in the past, that the following would happen. As soon as we had some developers in the building they would want to go and get some information from Parliament’s website since so much of the NAO’s work is linked to Parliament.

Therefore in January (at Govcamp) when I was talking to Tracy Green at Parliament we were discussing this topic and wondered whether doing a joint event would make the whole process a lot easier. If Parliament were already involved that would make it easier to talk to them about data and what developers might need from them. So a seed was planted.

Similarly after Hack the Government in March I had a similar discussion with Matt Jukes at ONS. The seed was not just planted but was now being watered.

So collectively we thought that because of the way that all three organisations use each others information and data that running a joint event would help us all. It would also make it a bit easier to share the workload and draw upon our own networks of contacts and interested parties.

The result is Accountability Hack 2014. There might be a better name out there so if you can think of it just let me know.



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