About me

This is my blog – Nick M Halliday.

The M is not pretentious but to make it easier to find me and not the children’s author and the surprisingly large number of people with the same name.

You can find me on:

  • LinkedIn                     Nick M Halliday
  • Twitter                        @nickmhalliday
  • elsewhere often as  nickmhalliday

I work at the National Audit Office so I often talk about what we have been doing.

That’s it.


2 responses to “About me

  1. I am going to pass this on to our comms dept @unamedNHSTrust cos if I mention its name I am not complying with social media policy

    • Nick M Halliday

      I think I see, so you are not allowed to mention where you work. That seems odd. DoH have great social media policies to encourage engagement.

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