How feedback is helping improve our digital services

Neil Williams great post about how GDS keep improving reminded me that I wanted to provide an update on what we have been doing with feedback recently. I mentioned feedback a while ago.

Since then we have tried to integrate it more regularly in our work. So we have a weekly retrospective and the first thing we do is cover the feedback that has been generated on the website feedback form.

This has covered a range of issues and usually things we can quickly change. So for example there is an area of content called Successful Commissioning which is quite popular. Over the last few weeks we had a number of comments left saying that some of the frequently used abbreviations were not explained. So we went in and changed these.

Another popular area of content are some FAQs about Taxpayer support for the banks.  This content was created as it was a topic the NAO was regularly asked about. So almost every week we get a comment asking ‘can a particular figure be made clearer or do you have more data on x’? We pass these all onto the authors who have taken the necessary action.

There have also been some useful comments about the difficulty of contacting particular people in the NAO. This is slightly more tricky but clearly worth reviewing especially as the on site search shows users are putting in the names of NAO staff.

So oddly we have found all the feedback quite motivating. Because people care, value the content and want it to work even better. It shows that the effort we put into maintaining these pages is worthwhile and we can fix things that do not work well. It’s a feedback win/win.




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