Do you know the perfect venue for #GovCamp16?

A GovCamp is not a GovCamp without a venue and so the search begins….

We asked for feedback last year and the consensus was that a venue needed the following features:

Must haves

  • It needs to be available on Saturday 23 January 2016 – and yes the majority wanted it in London
  • Capacity in one space for 200 people – with chairs of course
  • 6-8 breakout spaces on the same level as the main space
  • An immaculate wifi set up
  • Projector screens – preferably two
  • Easy access – not an overly complicated security system with scanners etc
  • Toilets
  • Space for tables for food and sponsors
  • Lectern with microphone
  • Not ridiculously expensive
  • Easy to get to location preferably near a train or tube station
  • A recommendation from someone who has already used the venue

Nice to haves

  • A not massively complicated process to book the space and sign a contract with the venue
  • A cloakroom
  • An AV specialist from the venue available on the day
  • Flip charts
  • Access to venue the night before
  • Option to use in-house catering if not massively expensive


So that is our list – let us know if you have a great venue just waiting to play a starring role in #GovCamp16


@nickmhalliday @jaCattell @baskers or


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