What has the National Information Infrastructure ever done for me?

You might start by asking ‘what is National Information Infrastructure, I have never even heard of it?’ Well now is the time to learn more, so read on. But first lets agree to call it #UKNII to save space.

The idea of #UKNII has been around a while and roughly a year ago the Cabinet Office started a process to flesh out what such a concept might mean in reality. You can read more here on what they have done so far.

Excellent, but progress has been a bit slow and the approach slightly limited so the Open Data User Group (ODUG) – I am a member – decided to push things along by writing its own report. The aim is to stimulate a wider discussion and give a bit of a structure to that conversation.

If its recommendations were taken up imagine a UK where there was just one agreed data set for GPs practices – currently there are eight or nine. What if this data was easy to link with post code data…or hospital admissions…or census data… You might then start to have a long list of things to say that the #UKNII has done for you, me and everyone else.


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