My top ten predictions for 2015

1. 2015 will have 365 days, approximately

2. GovCamp will take place on 24 January at Microsoft

3. The Government Digital Service will employ more people

4. Some IT projects will fail

5. I will not be in the New Year’s Honours (again)

6. There will be more talk about a Local Government Digital Service – which will still come to nothing

7. Data will become big, very big; and open data will become even bigger and opener (? Ed) – the number of people really getting it will probably remain the same

8. Government digital folk will remain as great as ever, sharing, caring and doing great stuff

9. We will still detest Facebook and still keep using it and start to detest Twitter – then detest ourselves for using these tools and for being detestable

10. There will be more social media ‘disasters’ and data takeaways (by those naughty black hatters)

11. Our personal data will be shared more freely than a post on Plague

12. There will be more Buzzfeeding of content – er this list

13. People will forget how to count up to ten




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