2 responses to “Does digital engagement really exist?

  1. Very interesting. I think your point on digital being a tool for effective engagement is a good one. You might be engaging excellently online, but what about people who are digitally excluded? When we engage we use methods that suit the people we’re engaging with (e.g. focus groups, questionnaires, one to one meetings, partcipative events). If it is truly engagement, then we also need to ensure that we have systems in place that enable us to use the results of online / digital activities in our engagement work e.g. can Facebook comments be used as a consultation response? Too often social media is used as a comms channel when it could be so much more.

    – Dyfrig

    • Nick M Halliday

      Yes totally agree it’s very easy to be lazy. Credit to colleagues at BIS for thinking deeply on this subject.

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