2 responses to “Can you retrofit your colleagues for digital?

  1. Good thinking!
    Heard a similar tale a week or so which described the different groups as green, yellow and red dots. Those with clear enthusiasm are green, those who are undecided, cautious or nervous are yellow, and those who are sceptical or antagonistic are red. The advice was just as you suggest – work with the greens – facilitate opportunities to showcase what they are doing – to encourage and support them, and in doing so, to spill over and convince the yellows.
    Leave the reds alone – they will suck your energy.

    Most of me agrees with that – the challenge is to make sure the successes and demonstrable benefits tip over the yellows, rather than the negativity of the reds pulling down those who have taken some steps but realise its hard. As with most things, its good communications which should tip the balance.

    • Nick M Halliday

      Hi Julia,

      thanks for the feedback. Its really useful to know that others have had a similar thought. As you say hopefully the enthusiasts start to help convert others.


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