Pinterest and the NAO food safety report graphic

Sometimes even I am sceptical about the value of some digital activity – did I really say that aloud?

Then sometimes I am vindicated – I did say that aloud. Well have a look at this –

When the Food Safety report came out recently my colleague Alex Mueller had a skim through it to see if there were any graphics that we might be able to extract as standalone items and post them to Pinterest – the online pin board for visual content.

One of those chosen was the map of the distribution of food safety officers which we put on the NAO Pinterest account a board called Environment.

Now you might think who would possibly be interested in that? I sort of did wonder myself.

I have just found out who was interested. He is called Matthew Parish.

He has a great board on Pinterest of diagrams and infographics (whatever they are) relating to food safety. Such as this chart:

Guess what is nestling in the middle of them – the NAO diagram which nicely complements the existing information that he has curated. Not sure what curation means look out for my previous post.

Made me feel happy for today.

Why – well it’s nice that the small amount of time that we invested in this (thanks to Rob in the Design Group) has been worthwhile. It also show that there are lots of interest goups online if we make a little effort to find them.


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