Are you a curator?

I love the word curator, from the Latin Curare – ‘take care of’ and words ending with ‘or’ from Latin generally mean doing something, janitor etc.

So it means looking after stuff – thank you Wikipedia

For example curators in museums looking after exhibits. In the online word it tends to mean ‘looking after content/knowledge/information’.

What’s the relevance of that to me then?

Well content without a curator is like a Tom without a Jerry, some kind of organising had is needed to add a bit of value and pull related information together.

You might already use content that is curated without realising it, or have even been curating yourself?

For example have you ever come back from an event or holiday with stack of photos that you agreed to share with friend or relatives? What did you do next, perhaps delete a few, add some captions, tag a few people – well you have been curating content. Get out that curators’ uniform.

Ever recommended a reading list around a particular topic to someone – curating again.

In the online world have you ever used a hashtag # – well by doing this you are helping yourself and others curate content by a topic label.

Ever followed a Twitter list of influential users, or created one yourself – curating again.

There are even handy tools to help your curate content such a PaperLi or Storify.

With Paperli you can automatically create your own online ‘newspaper’ from feeds of online content; and Storify allows you do create a timeline around an event or topic of tweets or posts.

Another site worth looking at is Scoopit where you can track topics and add your own insights and pass them along.

So why not push the boat out and try a bit of curation, uniform not needed.


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