Micro actions lead to macro results

Sometimes when we want a big result we think we need to put in one huge effort to get that result. But is that really true? Will the revision the night before the exam get that pass mark or the steady re-reading of notes over the previous months?

What if lots of small actions add up to something bigger than each of the actions themselves?

Here are some examples:

Building a online audience – regularly thanking retweeters on Twitter so that they want to do it again and have a nice warm glowly feeling towards you.

Improving the quality of your website user experience – fixing a few broken links every day so that the number of 404s keep reducing.

Managing staff – giving encouraging words to colleagues on a regular basis.

Improving your website – the steady fixing of bugs that keeps improving the site.

Building your online reputation – writing small but regular blog posts (this is an example).

Having a nice garden – pulling out a weed a day.

You can probably think of your own examples.

Micro leads to macro – did I hear ‘from little acorns, oaks’?



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2 responses to “Micro actions lead to macro results

  1. Mark Woods

    I agree with this approach Nick in particular the housekeeping of websites. Small things every day do lead to a big impact over time. This proves that to think big you have to start small when it comes to growing an online reputation

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