Is this how to migrate content to

I was asked recently if I could very quickly write a content migration plan for a website onto

This is what I came up with which is purely speculative in case I need to use it again:


Clarify what the deadline is – does all the content need to be live in one go or is the move being made over time

Create project plan

Arrange for TNA to archive the old website at an appropriate time

Take  own back up of website

Create an internal comms plan

Create an external comms plan

Do content audit

  • split between flat content and tools/transactions

Flat content

  • What do existing metrics show as most used content – it will help prioritise work – can any content be left behind?
  • Content will need to be written so buy in needed from internal specialists and their time bid for


  • GDS will probably want to redesign these which will involve user testing etc so plan this work early and carefully
  • will probably need to reassess what the key user task are

During move

Do a sample check of how long it takes to move or rewrite content – should help work out how long all the work will take

Sort out redirects

Content might need to be merged with existing content on on the same topic (if it exists)

Keep users up-to-date with progress on the move so there are no surprises

Training needed on how to write for

Training needed on the CMS

After move

Check redirects and monitor broken links

Do sampling to check that content can still be found by searching

Monitor feedback processes to make sure users are happy

I will add more points as they occur to me.


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