Developing the NAO twitter account @NAOorguk, redux

I wrote this time last year about my basic principles of how to grow the NAO Twitter account.

Since then things have moved on a lot.

When I wrote the account had about 2,000 followers, now it has 20,000.

So am I doing anything differently? Yes and no.

I am still following the principle of proactively pushing the account by following people who tend to mention the NAO, particularly influencers.

Also it is key to follow people who retweet, favourite NAO tweets or add the NAO to their lists.

It has been noticeable that as the name of the NAO account gets in wider circulation how more often it gets referenced.

In addition its always nice to thank people for particular mentions, regular retweets or positive feedback.

Equally you must answer enquiries quickly.

Favouriting ourselves nice mentions of the NAO is always a good thing  as it retweeting praise for the NAO work, with some clearly defined parameters. We should not be blowing our own trumpet willy nilly. So if someone on Twitter likes something we have posted on Pinterest the chances are that we will retweet it as this helps highlight the value of the item that has been pinned.

We are getting to the stage now where we need to invest set amount of time per week into the account as it is one of our major communications channels. Particularly having clearer procedures for dealing with the interactions which are becoming a regular feature.

So this is where we are at the moment. What next?

We have a good base but it is only really a starting point. Despite what is said about numbers not being everything I still want more followers, 50,000 sounds good to me.

But we also need to look more at qualatitive metrics, focus on interactions with influencers, get more internal colleagues to contribute – it’s a long list.


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