A digital maturity model

I have been thinking about a Digital Maturity Model for some time. For example Steph Gray @lesteph and I hosted a session at last year’s Govcamp where we covered this issue.

Since I have wanted to move things on a bit here I thought now is the time to revisit the maturity idea. At the same time Steph has also given an update on his thinking.

So based on some of his comments and my own thoughts I have started to draft the attached. It is a Google doc so it can be edited or you can leave some comments.

As you will see it has a few blanks so feel free to suggest what should go in the gaps. I have tried to make this very functional as I suspect that this is what most people need immediately.

However this does not rule out a more higher level overview perhaps in the spider format Steph has suggested. It will work well for briefing senior leaders – perhaps even your Digital Leader.



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3 responses to “A digital maturity model

  1. I really like this idea. A few thoughts:
    * Is it OK to mix inputs/outputs/outcomes? e.g. ‘Customer satisfaction’ seems to be an outcome whereas ‘Technology’ is an input.
    * Could the whole thing be aligned with other quality management standards e.g. ISO 9000 or EFQM? That might ease adoption.

    And some other possible dimensions:
    * Consistency of content/design/IA/branding: Isn’t that important for coherently presenting services from one organisation?
    * Archiving and planning for data storage/longevity: With so many services closing, it’s probably good to have a plan for this.

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