Creating a new website – legacy issues

In the middle of March we launched a new version of our website in WordPress. The other key elements being that it is hosted on Amazon Web Services and the code is in Git. All fabulous stuff.

Though this was a major project, I tried not to make it a ‘major project’. However I did learn a few lessons so why not share some of them, painful blow by blow.

Legacy issues

Ah, that fateful word in IT circles – legacy.

Things that are easily overlooked are:

  • which bits of your infrastructure do you actually own – are they on your assets register?
  • how do you (or someone else) decommission them and when?
  • which contracts exist – when do they run out – how much notice do you need to give of non-renewal?

I will almost guarantee that your contracts have different lengths. How do you get them in synch so that any switch over can be co-ordinated? Will you have to pay extra money to extend a contract?

How do you avoid insulting your existing suppliers when you tell them that you have ‘found someone else’.

In particular what if you want an element of contingency if something goes wrong and you need to revert back to your existing suppliers? Or you need the old suppliers to work with the new ones? Tricky huh.

So relationship management skills come to the fore.


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