Another social media ‘disaster’ – are we adding fuel to the fire?

It is almost becoming typical Sun headline – another ‘social media disaster’.

Recently it was HMV now it is Burger King.

Perhaps we can ask a few questions…

Do we make the so-called disaster any better by reading the related articles and then re-sharing them online?

Do  those involved in the ‘disaster’ feel gratitude for the extra publicity?

If we do help generate more publicity for the ‘disaster’ is it because we feel a sense of relief because it did not happen to us?

I suspect that if a ‘disaster’ happens to us we will appreciate some help and advice rather than more fuel being poured on the flames.

Indeed we could ask what is the definition of a ‘disaster’ and is a social media one any different from any comms difficulty? Discuss….

Maybe next time we see a ‘headline’ including the word disaster we might reflect a  moment before we press that Retweet button or other sharing tools?


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