What is your online brand? Part 2

I wrote an item earlier this year asking ‘What is your online brand?’

I mentioned one free tool Topsy which can be used to set up some alerts so that a subscriber can see how what you might post on some social media channels such as Twitter or Foursquare appears to others. Another option is to set up a Google Alert on your name.

Since then I have come across a couple of new tools that are worth looking at if you want to check how your professional image is represented online.

Why not have a look at Brandyourself

The basic account is free. You enter some basic information about yourself and some of your online accounts. It then gives an overall mark on our profile. I get an A- This tool can be quite useful if there are a number of people with a similar name as you can start to see how you stand out from the crowd, or not.

Another handy tool is Mywebcareer

This is slightly different to Brandyourself as it focuses more closely on the professional information that you have published about yourself online. It then highlights where on one site such as Linkedin you have missed out a piece of key information that you have mentioned on another site.

Again the basic account is free and worth having a look at.

There are probably more tools out there, and more to come, but these are a good starting point.


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