What is your online brand?

I have been talking to a few people recently who have made me think about personal online brands.

This might sound a bit odd. Why should I be interested in my online brand? I did not know I had an online brand. I thought that was just for ‘brands’ such as Nike or Coke?

In fact if any of us that use the internet we have an online brand. It is made up of all the things we say and do, the name that we use for ourselves and perhaps most importantly what others think of us.

For example have you ever thought about what name you use on different digital channels whether it is Facebook, a discussion forum, Twitter, Instagram, or a blog?

Do you always use the same name? What happens if someone has the same name as you? Do you want to look the same to all your ‘audiences’? Do you even want to be recognised?

How often have you done a search on your own name to see what it throws up – is it what you expected? What do you think of your ‘brand’ now? What would someone think if they were a recruiter or were checking you out prior to a meeting?

Why not also try some free software called Topsy. Type in the name for yourself that you use on social media channels. You should be able to see what others see. Did you really mean to use those swear words when talking about that episode of the Apprentice? Probably not.

So is your brand ‘on message’ with who you think you are, or for what you want others to think you are?

If not, it might be time to do your own personal brand audit. If you need any help just let me know. My usual charge-out rates apply.

(I wrote this originally for work colleagues)


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