Is there an NAO community?

At the moment we are spending some time helping colleagues launch this year’s graduate recruitment campaign – branded as Big-on.

We are quite proud of our contribution including the branded Big-on Facebook page which my colleague Alex Mueller does a lot of work on. We also have a dedicated Big-on area of our website

I think that over time we might be able to create our own ‘talent pool’ and not have to rely so much on using external providers such as Milkround to generate interest amongst graduates.

We also have a growing alumni group on Linked in; as well as our corporate Linkedin account.

Of course existing members of staff use various internal tools to communicate and share knowledge with each other.

This leads me to ask so what is the wider NAO community?

  • A level or university students       
  • New graduate entrants                
  • Other job applicants
  • People who apply but do not finally join the NAO
  • Longer serving NAO staff             
  • NAO alumni
  • Retired staff                              

So is there a way of linking these groups all together?

Are any other groups missing?

Of course there are probably some common tools being used such as Facebook; Twitter or Linkedin. However I am not so much interested in the tools but the concept: are we recognising that there is an NAO community?

NB: I am only talking about staff and not a potentially wider community of those interested in what the NAO actually delivers.




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