Are you in the loop? The Govloop that is…

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Steve Ressler the driving force behind Govloop  @govloop

Steve is a very engaging and talkative guy who was over from the US for a flying visit.

I came across Govloop some time ago when Julia Chandler @juliac2 who had been over in America for a conference mentioned it.

So what is Govloop?

Well unlike Fight Club you can definitely talk about it and spread the word.

Steve said that he had it idea of setting it up after having working in different parts of the US govt structure – including an audit body.

Govloop has a number of full time employees who aim to pull together the public sector digital community in the US. They generate some revenue by running various digital events.

Their platform is chock-full of resources and there is a continual stream of content and discussion.

For example there is a great short guide for project management.

But don’t take my word for it – have a look for yourselves and see what you think…


(Hopefully if I have got any of this wrong Steve will let me know.)




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