Creating personas for public sector Performance Measurement specialists

We have been trying to recruit some users to test some rejigged content for our website

The audience we are looking to research are interested in Performance Measurement.

We chose this group because, as well as being a specialism in its own right,  it can be cross-cutting discipline and of course it is also a core NAO audience.

The usability supplier asked – so what kind of people are these so that we know who to recruit?

In lieu of any better ideas – I have asked the conference organiser of the NAO Performance Measurement conference what kind of personas they would target.

Also one of my colleagues who is organising this conference is digging out some background.

In the meantime follow a great tip from @andyheadworth at Sirona Consulting I carried out a search on Linkedin using the search string below. ‘performance measurement’ ‘public sector’

Very usefully it identified a number of people in this specialism.

I looked at their profiles and extracted:

  • skill sets e.g. Customer Satisfaction measurement
  • typical quaifications
  • professional memberships e.g. CIMA
  • membership of other Linkedin groups such as ‘Lean systems thinking in the Public Sector UK’

I cut and pasted these into an email and sent them over to the usability supplier which seemed to be appreciated. 

Hopefully we can build on this and with more information create some ‘proper’ personas – but at least its a start.




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