Are you in with the ‘it’ web crowd?

Are you hanging out with the right people?

A bit like Dante’s circles of Hell there is a progression towards ‘in-ness’.

Level 1

Start using social media, join Facebook

Level 2

Join Twitter, set up a Linkedin profile, Slideshare presentation, Flickr account, Youtube.

Link some of aforementioned tools together with some whizzy technology

How about setting up your own blog?

Level 3

Someone else puts a link to your blog on their blog

You get a subscriber to your RSS feed

You get Retweeted

You become a follow Friday

You become a double follow Friday

Level 4

You get invited to the ‘right’ meetings

You even go to meetings outside work with other digital people, possibly at the weekend

You know a lot of ‘people’

Level 5

I am not at this level yet so I am guessing now

Get invited to speak at seminars

Invited to working groups

Draft importance guidance

Level 6

Get paid for doing stuff!

Get invited to an invitation only group

Level 7

Sit on a government working group




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