Banned by Google…I am an Adwords outlaw

Blimey so now I have been banned by Google. Apparently somehow my very innocuous blog is violating one their policies so my Adwords account has been suspended. Bizarre is not the word to use.

‘Please note that when a site is found to be in violation of our Landing Page and Site Policies, the site is disabled within your AdWords account and respective ads are disapproved for “Site Policy”. Disabling is an action applied at the domain level, and it results in a low landing page quality score and termination of ad traffic. If multiple ad groups have landing pages with the same disabled domain, the keywords in those ad groups will have identical landing page quality scores as well.’

Really not sure what I could have done – the only thing that occurs now is the use of the Headup semantic web plug-in as it is a kind of pop up I suppose which might be seen as some kind of masking of content? No idea since Google don’t actually tell you what you have done wrong you have to read this list and work it out:

Below are the polices that are monitored via our landing page and site policies:


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