Give it a go with Google adwords

To follow up my earlier post ‘Doing is learning, no it is really’, what I really meant to talk about was Google Adwords.

I noticed recently that the very excellent Robin Riley @robinwryly as part of his email signature, says search on Google under his name – which brings you to his site

I asked him about this and he said that he pays a very, very small amount for Google Adword to generate this result.

Wow, now I was impressed and once again felt deeply ignorant. So being somewhat of a copycat I have tried to do something similar.

Thats why I went off and created a Google ad for this blog.

I am not entirely sure that I have got things working properly yet but apparently my ad has been seen over 44,000 times but with no clicks yet. I am not totally surprised that so far no one has wanted to read my ‘insights’ but that’s not the point.

Once again its really worth having a go to learn a bit and now I feel I have crawled a little bit out of my pit of ignorance.

Try it.

Click here to view full size

Update – 31 January 2011

It has become clear that my ad needs to change – will I never ‘sell’ my advice to anyone? Therefore I have tried a few tweaks to draw in those eager readers! However one downside is that previous stats are reset to zero. So now impressions are 22,977 but still no clicks.

The sense of dispair is increasing. I might have to resort to using the word ‘cheap’ which apparently is always a winner.

In the meantime Google have kindly suggested some more keywords that might work so I have added those as well. At this rate I will have more keywords inside the Adwords centre than words written on my blog.

So as well as changing the wording I have increased the number of keywords it should be placed against. Oddly the automatic bid per click has gone up from £0.10 to £0.26. Also the average position of each keyword has increased from 6 to 5.8 so I might have chosen slightly more relevant words?

Click here to view full size

Update – 2 February 2011

Having got excited by the concept of Adwords I added them to my other blog about arts events. Click here to view full size

Somewhat amazingly there have been four clicks on the Ad. Its cost me a bit but no pain, no gain

Click here to view full size


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