Doing is learning, no really it is!

Yes, yes, I know its old hat but doing really is learning.

The best example I have read for a long time is Avinash Kaushik in his book on Web Analytics where he talks about how he got started after someone told him the same thing. He went off and added every tool he could find to his blog to see how the worked. Look where that got him – being one of the most respected sources on web analytics.

I remember going to a seminar about digital stuff a few years ago and Caroline Halrcrow at the British Library said the same thing and me being slightly sceptical but she was right. 

So when I set up my first blog I thought crikey what to write about? Everyone else I know does things about workish related digital things.

I did not want to do that for two reasons, one I did not know anything compared to them, and also it seemed to be a bit too much of the day job. So I thought what do I do a lot of? – ah ha, cultural things – why not try that. So I did. Its not the best in the world but hey I know how WordPress works now, plug-ins, SEO tools, keywords etc.

Obviously if you are reading this you will realise that I now write about work related stuff since I feel happier and more confident with digital issues. 

This is a bit of a long-winded way of saying the same thing. Generally give it a go and don’t be scared.

If you did not attend GovCamp at the weekend #ukgc11 why not try and make it next year?

If you have never been to #Teacamp come along – a very friendly bunch.

And you know the best bit, you get to know lots of great people who become friends. I think that is what is called a ‘win, win’




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