Digital communications strategy anyone? Part 2

So we now have our digital communications objectives aligned with our coporate objectives – what next?

Go back into the kitchen and adjust the recipe to make sure that what we are cooking up will actually work and leave a nice taste.

So how about:

  • Rejing the slides (more than once) that surround the objectives to produce a clearer narrative to fully ‘sell’ the benefits.
  • Try to work out what are the workstreams that will deliver against each objective.
  • Fit all these workstreams onto one slide – gulp.
  • Not just name workstreams but describe each activity in detail: what, who, when, how and the costs
  • Fill in all these details into a workstreams template document – its long. 
  • Better put them in some order of priority as well.
  • Don’t forget to allocate money for the workstreams in advance to avoid missing the boat
  • Review workstreams document.

Not as easy as it sounds as how far can we predict months ahead what we are going to do especially as we will be reviewing a number of activities?

Watch this space for the next update.




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