Lessons learnt – part 1

If you have an outsourced IT provider and they bring in an off-site ‘expert’ to do some work don’t assume the ‘expert’ is actually knowlegable.

Result – an ‘expert’ who deleted the core website templates and emptied the recycle bin when they were employed to create an XML sitemap

Solution – check the CV of the ‘expert’ before they start.

Make sure your licences are up-to-date and you know when they run out.

Result – an IT department who ‘decided’ not to renew a licence for a website search engine – so a none-working search

Solution – quick purchase of Google site search for £10; medium term a log of licences 

Be clear about the definition of words – ‘a managed service’

Result – a hosting provider who did nothing except ‘watch the boxes’ and fired off bizarre alerts 

Solution – do not assumed that words you recognise mean what you think – find out 



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