In praise of Teacamp

If you have not been to Teacamp recently you should be asking yourself ‘why not’?

For those who do not know Teacamp is usually on the first Thursday of each month at Cafe Zest within the House of Fraser store in Victoria from approx 4pm onwards.

The format is generally one or two ‘speakers’ who very informally give a short presentation on some relevant project that they have been working on. This is followed by a Q&A and a generaly chit chat and catching up with people. Those attending are often from Government departments, some of the freelancer coders/developers who work with government and others who find out by word of mouth.

The reason why I felt impelled to write this was because last week’s event was typical. I arrived feeling ignorant and left feeling chock full of knowledge and up-to-date on what other colleagues were doing and with various ideas to follow-up. Where else can the price of a cup of coffee (or even tea) provide such inspiration?

A lot of credit goes to the organiser who is often Jane O’Loughlin and the speakers who make the effort to share their experiences.

So what did I learn last week? Well without naming, names:

1) how a major department was planning to avoid replacing its CMS and spending a lot of money in the process by starting to use WordPress

2) an update on how the work done by site and associates is going to be complemented by some crowdsourced work on tagging and metadata

3) I passed my contact details onto a particular organisation I would like to collaborate with digitally

4) a colleague shared some information with me about social media monitoring – and later sent me a very useful piece of research

5) I a spoke to a former colleague and shared some informal research I had done on social media monitoring

6) oh yes and there was a great presentation by @lesteph on his work on taking forward online consultation technology

and lots more

So what is the reason you cannot make #Teacamp?

If you want to join sign up via

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